Lodi Grape Festival Event Center
413 E. Lockeford St., Lodi, CA 95240

May 23, 24, 25, 2025

Golden State Round Up

Darin Keith
Dan Nordbye
Mike Sikorsky
Buddy Weaver

Cuers: Randy & Marie Preskitt


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Golden Buckskin

NCSDA Buckskin:
The buckskin was created as a means of encouraging clubs to visit each other, but not for financial gain.
 It is in that spirit that the following rules have been adopted.
The NCSDA encourages participation in the fun of taking the buckskin.

Current Holder As of May 16, 2024: DELTA SQUARES (1993)

Club & Location Dance Night & Level Contact
Oakley Senior Center

215 2nd Street, Oakley


7:00 - 9:00 PM

Level: MS, Plus

Dan Nogarr



Rules for the Golden Buckskin

In any of the following rules, a club's total membership shall qualify as one square if the official roster for that club consists of less than one square.

  • The club that has the Buckskin must have it displayed at all club dances.
  • All members of a club coming to claim the Buckskin shall wear square dance clothing and their club badge or have proof of membership.
  • The club must have a minimum of one square and dance a complete tip. The hosting club Caller will call the level of dance as requested by the visiting club for that tip.
  • The first club with one square, to sign in and be present, will receive the Buckskin no later than 9:30 pm.
  • A club attempting to take the Buckskin from a club must be dancing in, and their club address is within the boundaries of the NCSDA.
  • The Buckskin may be claimed only once a night.
  • When the Buckskin is claimed by a club the surrendering club may not return before four weeks to recapture it.
  • Each time the club has the Buckskin they should burn their club brand on it immediately.
  • The brand or club name should not be larger than three inches square.
  • It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to determine when the Buckskin is full and the club that will retain it. After the Buckskin is full, the club with their brand on it the most times will be awarded the retiring Buckskin by the NCSDA.
  • The club putting the last brand on the retiring Buckskin will then be given a new Buckskin to put their brand on to start again.
  • The club who holds the Buckskin may display it beside their club banner at Golden State Round Up, Stampedes, and the Anniversary Dance.
  • It is the responsibility of each club to notify the District Director and the Webmaster when they have the Buckskin.
  • There shall be no charge to club members who come to collect the Buckskin.
  • The Buckskin cannot be claimed during the days between the May NCSDA General meeting and the end of that year's Golden State Round-Up.
  • Any Buckskin to be hung at the Golden State Round-Up must be brought to the May NCSDA General meeting.
  • It is encouraged that the club holding the buckskin at the time of each Association dance bring the current buckskin and their club banner to that Association dance for display.
  • The buckskin may not be claimed at a hoedown.

RULES Revised October, 2009